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KDS holds an Inception Workshop for the Eco-Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia
Title KDS holds an Inception Workshop for the Eco-Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia
Date 2017-10-19

(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS), under the supervision by Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology(KIAT), in a consortium with Korea Southern Power Co. Ltd (KOSPO), Samwon Millennia, Busan TechnoPark, Geogeny, and Korean Foundation for Quality(KFQ) is managing a project, “Eco Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia.” Chang Uk An (Team Manager), Yaya Kim (Senior Program Officer), and Sookin Lee (Program Officer) from KDS were dispatched to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from September 24th to 30th.

“Eco Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia” takes place in Nalaikh, Mongolia and is a 20-months long project (May 2017 -  December 2018). The project aims to i) improve the surrounding environment of abandoned mines through soil stabilization, and ii) meet people’s growing demand for energy and produce “clean energy” through an installation of a hybrid-energy station. In the end, the project goal is to improve living conditions of residents and expand opportunities for the Korean companies to participate in ODA project.

In June 2017, the consortium proceeded detailed investigation in Nalaikh to help to select exact project site and to plan performance management of the project. The consortium also had a meeting with stakeholders from the Korean Embassy in Mongolia to discuss main issues of the project and its progress. Moreover, after meeting with companies that had participated in the Feasibility Study (FS) and visiting the site for installation of the hybrid-energy station, the consortium shared results of these meetings and visits with the stakeholders in the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia and made progress on the selection of the project site.

In this September trip, KDS selected the Mongolian Center for Development Studies (MCDS) as our partner company to undertake performance management of the project. For the following four days of the trip, KDS held an Inception Workshop, of where the two parties (KDS and sector specialists from MCDS) discussed and decided on key components of performance management (Result Framework, PDM, Indicator List, Indicator Definition etc.) and also on work plans for Situational Analysis.

**In fact, KDS plans another trip soon in October 2017 to participate in Pilot Survey. Through this survey, KDS and MCDS will update main indicators of the project and the results shall be incorporated in upcoming Baseline Survey.

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