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Online Kick-off Workshop of a New Energy Efficiency Project
Title Online Kick-off Workshop of a New Energy Efficiency Project
Date 2020-11-12

October 10th, KDS held a kick-off workshop of the Project “Technical Assistance for Development of Feasibility Study of Energy Efficiency Investment Projects and Credit Application Process”. The Project aims at contributing to energy efficiency enhancement in cement sector in Vietnam, within which a leading agency, Korea Industrial Consulting Center (KICC), is responsible for energy audit and feasibility study targeting cement plants, and KDS manages invitational training, on-site kick-off/completion workshops, and funding consulting.

The workshop was held online despite the communication barrier due to COVID-19 and attended by key stakeholders including Korea Energy Agency (KEA), Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MOIT), KICC, and KDS. During the workshop, in-depth discussion and consultation took place around key agenda such as COVID-19 response plan and cooperation required to MOIT that is needed to implement the Project.

This workshop is highly meaningful given that it laid the ground for project implementation amid COVID-19. Moreover, intensified relationship between KDS and MOIT can be expected through the workshop, based on which on-site support can be provided during the project period.

With the successful and fruitful completion of the workshop, the project management team will commence the project implementation starting from energy audit in Vietnam. Cooperation and collaboration with local experts will be a significant element of the project according to COVID-19 response plan. If needed, the project management team will visit Vietnam through special entry procedure to ensure the effective project implementation.

*Vietnam is going through a rapid increase in industrial energy consumption derived from its economic growth, and therefore making efforts on nationwide energy efficiency. This project, which will be implemented from July 2020 to February 2021 with a budget of 2.6 hundred million won (equivalent to 230 thousand USD), will provide energy efficiency solutions to Vietnamese cement sector, one of the largest energy consuming industrial sectors in Vietnam. Mr. Hongmin Chun (Managing Director, Sustainable Development Group), Ms. Ya Ya Kim (Team Manager, Sustainable Development Team), and Mr. Hyeunjae Kim (Program Officer, Sustainable Development Team) from KDS, who participated in the KOICA’s “Promoting Investment Market for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sector in Vietnam” project, will continue their contribution to energy efficiency of Vietnam.

<Project Manager sharing project components and implementation plan>

<Key stakeholders discussed project implementation plan including COVID-19 response plan>

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