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Our research focuses on areas and policies related to international development and developing/transitioning economies. The objective of our research is to help developing nations and international society in exploring and determining the most effective methods of poverty reduction and economic development.

Fields of expertise in our research include agricultural and rural development, SMEs and industrial policies, ODA and FDI management practice, foreign economic relations and governance.

Major Credentials

Study on the Strategic Partnership Models with African Regional Economic Communities

Duration : Apr - Oct 2011
Orderer : MKE

Researching current situation of principal Regional Communities in Africa and their cooperation with main countries (U.S., EU, and China etc.), and proposing measures for broader strategic cooperation.

Evaluation of Untying Aid Policy of Korea and its Implementation

Duration : Jun - Nov 2012
Orderer : KOICA

Evaluating untying aid policy of KOICA and its Implementation projects, and suggesting policy recommendations based on the research of donors' implementation status

A study on development strategy for SMEs in Mozambique as a plan of industrial development strategy between Korea and Mozambique

Duration : Jan - Mar 2013
Orderer : KCCI

Analyzing main industries' potential and SMEs policies in Mozambique, and cooperation with Korea and main countries for development of Mozambique's SMEs

Research on Performance of "Korea Senior Experts

Duration : Jul - Sep 2013
Orderer : NIPA

Suggesting policy recommendations and publishing a casebook of Senior experts' best practices by quantitative/objective/comprehensive analysis of them