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KDS provides professional consulting services to public and private institutions in developing nations by leveraging Korean and world-wide international development best practices and globally-proven advanced technologies.

Our broad network of local and global experts in various fields of economic and social development has been successfully providing comprehensive, yet practical solutions in formulating and executing economic and sector development strategies.

Major Credentials

2016/17 KSP with the Kyrgyz Republic

Duration : 2015.10~2016.04
Orderer : KDI

Establishment of HRM, PFM and Regional Strategy

Medium Term Fiscal Planning Capacity Building in Mongolia

Duration : 2015.11~2018.07
Orderer : KOICA

Establishment of MTEF Masterplan, training and system development

Capacity Building for ICT-based Secondary Education in Nicaragua

Duration : 2017.12~2020.12
Orderer : KOICA

Development of ToT program and nurturing lead tutors

Establishment of National School for Administration(NSA) in Palestine

Duration : 2016.12~2019.12
Orderer : KOICA

Development of curriculum to establish NSA

Feasibility Studies for Bole Lemi Industrial Zones

Duration : 2014.01~04
Orderer : World Bank

Feasibility study for Bole Lemi & Kilinto industrial zone

Capacity Development of the National Agricultural Extension Center in DR Congo

Duration : 2016.12~2019.12
Orderer : KOICA

Building NAEC, training extension officers to increase accessibility

Capacity Building of E-Government in Nigeria

Duration : 2013.12~2019.06
Orderer : KOICA

Development of e-gov masterplan and local capacity building

Eco-friendly Energy Town Development Project in Mongolia

Duration : 2017.06~12
Orderer : KIAT

Establishment of renewable energy micro-grid in old mining areas