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Our Projects


No Title Duration
249 Reform in Taxation System(KRG, IRAQ) 19.09.~19.12.
248 Diplomatic Personnel Capacity Building Course 19.08.~19.12.
247 Organic Agriculture Policy-implementation Support and Capacity Building Project in the Kyrgyz Republic 19.09.~23.05.
246 USCDC GHSA Syposium 19.06.~19.09.
245 Knowledge Sharing on Effective ODA Management (Egypt) 19.06.~19.12.
244 Capacity Enhancement of Economic Planning (2nd year) 19.05.~19.12.
243 Capacity Building in the Dominican Republic for the Development of Innovation and Industrial Entrepreneurship 19.03.~19.07.
242 Building a Support Model to Respond and Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls in Vietnam 19.03.~20.12.
241 The Saemaeul Undong (SMU) Project of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Paraguay 18.12.~21.12.
240 The Project for Establishment of the Agricultural Marketing Center in Myanmar 18.12.~23.12.