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[Eco-Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] KDS monitors the Pilot Survey
Title [Eco-Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] KDS monitors the Pilot Survey
Date 2017-11-21

(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS), under the supervision by Korea Institute of Advancement Technology(KIAT), in a consortium with Korea Southern Power Co. Ltd (KOSPO), Samwon Millennia, Busan TechnoPark, Geogeny, and Korean Foundation for Quality(KFQ) is managing a project,

“Eco Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia.” Yaya Kim (Senior Program Officer), and Sukyeon Kim (Program Officer) from KDS were dispatched to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from October 23rd to 30th.“Eco Friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia” takes place in Nalaikh, Mongolia and is a 20-months long project (May 2017 - December 2018). The project aims to i) improve the surrounding environment of abandoned mines through soil stabilization, and ii) meet people’s growing demand for energy and produce “clean energy” through an installation of a hybrid-energy station. In the end, the project goal is to improve living conditions of residents and expand opportunities for the Korean companies to participate in ODA project.

In September 2017, KDS selected MCDS as an our partner company to undertake performance management of the project and set work plans with MCDS.

In this October trip, KDS reviewed work plans for Pilot survey undertaken for the effective Baseline survey. Also, KDS visited the previous training for enumerators and a part of Pilot survey(Household survey, Focus Group Discussion) implemented in Nalaikh. Based on results of Pilot survey, work plans for Baseline survey were supplemented by KDS and MCDS.

**In fact, KDS held a meeting with relevant officials from Nalaikh to help them understand the project and share the project's goals. On the beginning of  November, Baseline survey was conducted and the data as a result of Baseline survey has been analysing by MCDS. Hereafter, KDS will implement the 1st monitoring over this project.

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