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[Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] Business Fair and Ground-breaking ceremony held
Title [Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] Business Fair and Ground-breaking ceremony held
Date 2018-10-08

(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) Korea Institute for Development Strategy(KDS) dispatched Ms. Ya Ya Kim(Team Manager) and Ms. Seul-A Yi(Programme Officer), as a part of a KOSPO(Korea Southern Power Co. Ltd.) consortium, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from September 10th to 14th for "Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia"(hereinafter referred to as "the Project"). In this business trip, the consortium held a project business fair and a ground-breaking ceremony for a hybrid power plant in Nalaikh, and a meeting discussing future plans for performance management of the project. All these activities marked as the beginning of the second year project to local key stakeholders in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

In the business fair, held on September 11th, in Blue Sky hotel in Mongolia, around 60 delegates from the National Renewable Energy Center(NREC), the Nalaikh District, Korea embassy in Mongolia, the Korea Institute of Advancement Technology(KIAT), and the KOICA Mongolia regional office attended. The KOSPO consortium shared details of the project through presentations and listened to delegates’ opinions regarding it. Furthermore, the fair was also beneficial to strengthen a network among all stakeholders for the more efficient project.

On September 12th, the ground-breaking ceremony in Nalaikh project site was held for celebrating the project’s actual step for establishing the hybrid power plant in Nalaikh. Wishing for its success in the project, there were a Mongolian traditional ritual and a memorable event of the first wind power turbine’s operation celebrated with 87 participants mostly from Korea and Mongolia governments and Energy institutions. By this point of the ceremony, the small wind power generator will be tested its capacity in a severe cold winter, and a result of the test will be reflected in the further steps for the Nalaikh’s hybrid power plant establishment.

Additionally, for the project’s sustainable and efficient performance management, KDS discussed with a local partner(MCDS) regarding changed beneficiaries and survey plans, and both agreed to specify their tasks for the second year of the project.

To sum up, this business trip was meaningful in that it marked the actual beginning of the second year project start and established a basis of understanding by reinforcing cooperation among key stakeholders in promoting the project.

** In October, the KOSPO consortium will hold an invitational seminar in Korea. It aims to share knowledge on Korea renewable energy technology with Mongolian key stakeholders. Also KDS will check indicators first, lead to an agreement on the revised project goal and indicators, and set up a base-line survey plan through a performance sharing workshop with Mongolian key stakeholders.

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