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Result-Sharing Workshop for the MTEF project in Mongolia
Title Result-Sharing Workshop for the MTEF project in Mongolia
Date 2018-10-12

On September 7th 2018, Korea Institute for Development Strategy(KDS in short) held the Result-Sharing Workshop for the project "Medium Term Fiscal Planning Capacity Building
and Improvement of Fiscal Management E-system in Mongolia" in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The workshop, attended with the 80 relevant project counterparts, shared achievements from the project and discussed the further cooperation.

Mr. S. Narantsogt, Secretary of State from Ministry of Finance(MOF) attended the event as the representative of the Mongolian government, along with Mr. Jung Jae-nam, Jo HaengLan KOICA country director as the representatives of the Korean government.

"We thank KOICA and KDS for building capacity for the MOF members with medium term fiscal planning and suggesting the ways to development of Mongolia," thanked Mr. S. Narantsogt, "MOF will continuously cooperate with all the project supported by Korean government."

KDS Consortium has launched and implemented the project to help Mongolian government for efficiently establishing and managing the medium term fiscal framework. For the last 4 years of project period, KDS Consortium has worked not only on capacity building of MOF members but also on developing e-System driven from Korea's d-Brain which reflected current status of MOF. The Consortium has successfully established the foundation for the national fiscal management for the Mongolian government

**We highly expect Mongolia to overcome the problems of national deficits and debts, based upon the newly-adapted e-System and improved human capacity, and achieve continuous economic growth.

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