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[KOICA Project for Vocational Training Center] The 2nd dispatch to Fergana, Uzbekistan
Title [KOICA Project for Vocational Training Center] The 2nd dispatch to Fergana, Uzbekistan
Date 2019-03-05

Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) dispatched experts to the Uzbekistan, which is already 2nd time after the first kick-off trip in last October. Dispatch team was consisted of PM, 5 major experts, teaching & learning expert, M&E expert (from KDS and Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry). Duration and detailed schedule was different depend on major duty of each experts.

PM and 5 major experts were working with local stakeholder from industry and Vocational Training Center(VTC) in Fergana region. They developed curriculum for each major and established action plan for designing textbook and operating VTC. Teaching & Learning Expert visited department for the organization of vocational training in order to discuss practical affairs for local training, and he also interviewed with VTCs' teacher for analysing their level of teaching ability. Lastly, M&E expert conducted the research on labor environment & industry status with pilot surveying for some project indicators. The result of research and survey data will be objective evidence for implementing the project.

** The Purpose of the project is to establish Fergana Vocational Training Center for training excellent skilled worker from the following 5 sectors; automobile, IT, electricity, dress-making, and beauty. For that, text book and VTC operation plan will be finalized, and local training/fellowship program will also be held until next year.

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