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[Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] Meeting with stakeholders to discuss Performance
Title [Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] Meeting with stakeholders to discuss Performance
Date 2019-07-02

To promote the “Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia”, KDS team visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from June 12 to 17, 2019. The team which was composed of the Executive Director, Hongmin Chun, Team Manager of Sustainable Development Team, Ya Ya Kim, and Program Officer Hannah Park, reported the current status of performance management and discussed future plan with local stakeholders. In particular, providing eco-friendly education program on the use of renewable energy and mitigation of climate change which will be delivered for residents of 7 khoroos in Nalaikh and including awareness improvement as additional performance objective have been laid on the table. The team requested cooperation with relevant organizations on implementing the program.

On June 13, the team visited the Mongolian Ministry of Energy to discuss the progress and changes of performance management with the head of Renewable Energy Division. Also, it visited the National Renewable Energy Center (NREC) in Mongolia and agreed to co-host the residents’ awareness workshop activities with NREC at the meeting with the head of center and research project staffs.

On the following day, moving to Nalaikh district, the team looked around project site and figured out ongoing tasks. It then met with the chief of governor’s office in Nalaikh district and the Urban planning director at the Nalaikh to consent to working for workshop in collaboration with NREC and KDS. As a result of the meeting, the workshop will deal with soil pollution, air pollution, and waste management issues that Nalaikh is currently facing with. Regarding detailed implement plans, Mongolian Center for Development Study (MCDS), a local partner for performance management, decided to carry out “the workshop on Eco-friendly Lifestyle in Nalaikh” for 300 inhabitants on August after the Nadaam, which is the biggest festival in Mongolia.

This 9th Mongolia visit is meaningful in that it grasped the progress of the project in detail and requested the continued cooperation of the local stakeholders in order to promote future tasks. Furthermore, the cooperation system and preparation base to hold the workshop that will introduce the environmental improvements by using renewable energy and spread out eco-friendly life style were well established.

**KDS team will deeply discuss detailed workshop contents and implementation plan. Based on discussed plan, the “Workshop on Eco-friendly Lifestyle in Nalaikh” will be held on August in order to measure awareness improvement in collaboration with KDS, NREC, and Nalaikh District in Mongolia.

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