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Nigeria e-Government 8th In-country Training in Nigeria
Title Nigeria e-Government 8th In-country Training in Nigeria
Date 2019-09-05

As part of ‘Capacity Building Programme for e-Government in Nigeria’, the Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) conducted e-Government 8th

In-country Training at Public Service Institute of Nigeria(PSIN) in Nigeria, from July 18th to August 16th in 2019, with Korean experts in the fields of e-Government.

For the last 8th In-country Training of this project, Federal Ministry of Communications (FMC) and Public Service Institute of Nigeria (PSIN) actively cooperated with KOICA Nigeria office in conducting the training programme including four modules and nine different courses, including xecutive I-A/B/C, Executive II-A/B, Professional-A/B, Train-the-Trainers-A/B.


217 Nigerian policy-makers and executives in the e-Government sector participated in the 8th In-country Training with high interests. In particular, KDS opened additional Train-the-Trainers Course to cultivate the Master Trainers who will play an important role in Nigerian Government’s own e-Government capacity building programs after the completion of this project.


The In-country Training was carried out 8 times from October 2015 to August 2019.


** Korea Institute for Developing Strategy(KDS) is conducting the ‘2013-2019 Capacity Building Programme for e-Government in Nigeria’ which was ordered by KOICA with the purpose of improving efficiency and transparency of public administration service in Nigeria on a budget of 8.56 million USD.

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