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[Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] Implementation of the Awareness improvement Workshop for citizens in Nalaikh
Title [Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia] Implementation of the Awareness improvement Workshop for citizens in Nalaikh
Date 2019-09-19

KDS team(Executive Director, Hongmin Andrew Chun, Team manager of Sustainable Development Team, Ya Ya Kim, and Program Officer, Hannah Park) visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to implement the “Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia” from August 15 to 21, 2019. During the visit to Mongolia, KDS held an awareness improvement workshop for the residents and conducted a Baseline/Endline survey.

300 residents participated in each workshop held throughout 17 to 25, August and  MCDS(Mongolian performance management organization) carried on the workshop. KDS, National Renewable Energy Center(NREC), and Nalaikh district office also gave presentations on sub-sections at the workshop. The ‘Eco-friendly Town Development Project in Mongolia’, the concept and benefits of renewable energy, and eco-friendly lifestyle were introduced at each session. In particular, the project brought about corporation with local government, as the Nalaikh district office introduced waste management and planting project which has been conducted in the area as one of the “Eco-Nalaikh” programs. This workshop not only delivered useful information but also led a meaningful result that is residents’ active participation to discuss and present an action plan on eco-friendly lifestyle by themselves. Participants were able to realize that behavioral changes of individuals are the key solution to solving environmental problems surrounding their families and society and decided to practice what they learned.

To this end, the district office and each khoroo decided to support the practice of residents and discuss operating their own program for sustainable education. In addition, a poster that was pre-made and distributed all around the district is expected to play a key role in reminding the education to residents. On the following day of the workshop, participants visited the project site and increased their interests and understanding on the project by asking questions on the use and production of renewable energy.

This 10th visit to Mongolia signifies that it improved the awareness and increased interest through educational program on renewable energy and eco-friendly lifestyle of residents who are the beneficiaries of the project. Also, it raised the active participation of the recipient country government and main stakeholders by making co-preparation and co-host for the workshop. KDS will continue to provide educational materials and cooperate with local governments so that the lessons learned from the project can be continued.

**KDS will prepare a final performance report based on the results of the workshop, the measurement of the awareness improvement about renewable energy, and the overall performance of the project which will be announced to Mongolian stakeholders and residents at the completion ceremony in October.

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