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Nepal Inclusive Rural Development Project (IRDN): Inception workshop in Field Level and selection of project sites
Title Nepal Inclusive Rural Development Project (IRDN): Inception workshop in Field Level and selection of project sites
Date 2019-09-25

(Butwal, Nepal) Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) has dipatched a Project Management Team(Dr. Minho LEE and Ms. Doeun KIM) for the launch workshop for the LIP(Locally Initiated Project) of "Integrated Rural Development Project(IRDN)" on August 27, 2019 in Bhumai Chok Sunaul.

The workshop was held with the aim of enhancing the level of understanding of the IRDN Project at the local level, forming a committee for the LIP, PAC(Project Advisory Committee), and selecting a project site. Main stakeholders such as the director of KOICA Nepal Office, director of Good Neighbors International(GNI) Nepal Office, KDS, KECC and the local partners have participated in the workshop.


For the first agenda, the enhancement of understanding and sharing of pending issues at the provincial level, KDS, KOICA, KECC and GNI have respectively presented about the project progress and plans in details. Secondly has formed a selection committee for LIP project which is called PAC whose main task is to supervise as well as monitor the LIP project activities. Thirdly, the project sites for LIP was selected through passionate discussion between each municipality and rural municipality representatives, while scoring the best project from each wards as per the agreed Project Selection Criteria. Among 34 proposals, 13 high-scored projects were selected, consisting of various themes such as commercialized agriculture, youth empowerment, irrigation and agro machinery.

For the remaining 12 projects will be confirmed through the project selection committee on 10th of October. KOICA and all partner agencies expressed their commitment to launch all 25 LIP projects from December 2019.


In the meantime, KDS team has also visited 11 out of 13 sites selected for the project and made a plan to visit all 25 project sites after its launching in October this year to provide in-depth advice.


The IRDN Project aim to improve living quality of residents in the project regions, Nawalparasi, from 2015 to 2021. The project has been carrying out activities such as basic infrastructure, conditional infrastructure projects, invitational training, and LIP and KDS has been responsible for the overall project management as a Project Management agency since 2014.

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