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Our Projects


No Title Duration
91 Meta Evaluation of KOICA's ODA Projects for ICT Education 17.05.~17.12.
90 The 2nd Capacity Building Program for Human Resource Development on Official Development Assistant Management (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) 17.04.~17.11.
89 High Level Partnership Program for Economic Development Strategy (Ghana) 16.07.~16.07.
88 The Medium Term Fiscal Planning Capacity Building and Improvement of Fiscal Management E-system in Mongolia 15.11.~18.07.
87 2015/16 KSP with the Kyrgyz Republic 15.10.~16.04.
86 (KSP-CAF Joint Consulting) Improving the Quality and Productivity of TVET in Colombia 15.08.~16.01.
85 Economic Development Strategy for High Level Officials (Ghana) 15.08.~15.09.
84 Economic Development Strategy (ASIA/CIS) 15.07.~15.09.
83 Economic Development Strategy (Latin America and the Caribbean) 15.07.~15.10.
82 Empowering Ethiopia's Textile Industry and Industrial Park 15.07.~16.01.