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Our Projects


No Title Duration
17 Capacity Building for Strategic Development Policy and Fiscal Management of the DRC 18.08.~19.08.
16 The Medium Term Fiscal Planning Capacity Building and Improvement of Fiscal Management E-system in Mongolia 15.11.~18.10.
15 Management of Donor Funded Projects & Programs (Ghana) 15.10.~15.11.
14 The reform of tax administration and tax system in the Democratic Republic of Congo 13.07.~14.03.
13 Tax Administration Development Program for Government Officials of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2nd Year Program) 13.05.~13.09.
12 Tax Administration development program for government officials of Democratic Republic of the Congo 12.03.~12.11.
11 Training for Financial Management and Reformation 11.06.~11.06.
10 Tax Administration Development for Nepal 11.03.~11.03.
9 2010 Knowledge Sharing Program with Ghana 10.06.~11.01.
8 Tax policy and administration (Nepal) 10.05.~10.06.