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Our Projects


No Title Duration
39 Capacity Building in the Dominican Republic for the Development of Innovation and Industrial Entrepreneurship 19.03.~19.07.
38 Detailed-Planning a Automotive Manufacturing Technical Center Construction Project in Myanmar 18.11.~18.12.
37 Pre-Planning a Automotive Parts Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technical Center construction project in Myanmar 18.06.~18.08.
36 African Officials Training Program on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) 17.11.~18.01.
35 Economic Infrastructure Development for Investment Climate Reform, Productivity and Competitiveness Enhancement 16.06.~17.04.
34 Korea AFrica Indutry and Energy cooperation strategy 15.10.~16.05.
33 Empowering Ethiopia's Textile Industry and Industrial Park 15.07.~16.01.
32 Pre-Feasibility Study for Textile Industry Development of Ethiopia 14.07.~15.02.
31 Feasibility Studies for Bole Lemi Phase II and Kilinto Industrial Zones 14.01.~14.04.
30 Research on Establishment of an Emerging Country Cooperation Program (ECP) 13.06.~13.08.