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Our Projects


No Title Duration
18 African Officials Training Program on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) -Building Agripreneurs Capacity- 17.09.~17.12.
17 Project Management for the “Capacity Development of the National Agricultural Extension Center in the DR Congo” 16.12.~21.06.
16 Feasibility Study for Farm Mechanization Project in Myanmar 14.08.~14.10.
15 The Project for Establishment of an agro-processing and Marketing Strategy in Uganda 13.12.~17.04.
14 Research on Agriculture and Rural Development in DR Congo, Mozambique and Ethiopia 13.11.~14.06.
13 Ex-post evaluation research on Korea Rural Community Corporation's international coorperation projects in DR Congo and Cambodia 13.08.~13.11.
12 Establishment of Agricultural Educational Training System in Mozambique(4th) 13.01.~13.06.
11 Basic Design Study for Integrated Rural Development Project 12.12.~13.06.
10 Establishment of Agricultural Educational Training System in Mozambique(3rd) 12.01.~12.12.
9 Strengthening Agricultural Machine of Rice Crop Laboratory and Breeding Study Capacity 11.10.~13.12.