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Our Projects


No Title Duration
13 The Project for Promoting Investment Market for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sector in Vietnam 17.12.~20.02.
12 Eco-friendly Energy Town Development Project in Mongolia 17.04.~17.12.
11 Advanced study on the strategy of GHG mitigation technology transfer to developing countries 17.03.~17.10.
10 Study on the development of GHG mitigation technology transfer system for the post-2020 agreement 16.04.~16.11.
9 International Training Course on Weather Forecasting for Operational Meteorologist 15.05.~15.07.
8 International Training Course on Weather Radar Operation 15.04.~15.06.
7 The Asia Foundation Sri Lanka Local Economic Governance Development Training Program on 'Waste Treatment System for Local Government' 13.12.~14.06.
6 Case Study on Policies for Promoting Green Trade in 6 Asian Countries 12.05.~12.10.
5 Invitation Training of Foreign Experts for Building Foundations for Electricity Sector Export between Korea-South Africa 12.05.~12.11.
4 ROK-Southern Africa Climate Change Partnership Programme(Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, etc) 12.04.~12.12.