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Our Projects


No Title Duration
35 Performance-based Public Human Resource Management System Course (Ghana) 17.10.~19.12.
34 Development Cooperation Capacity Building (Ghana) and Performance-based Human Resource Management System 17.08.~17.12.
33 Comprehensive Evaluation of KOICA Development Consulting (DEEP) Projects 17.06.~17.12.
32 Strengthening the Capacity of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of Ecuador 16.07.~16.12.
31 Management of Donor Funded Projects & Programs (Ghana) 16.09.~16.10.
30 The 1st Capacity Building Program for Human Resource Development on Official Development Assistance Management (Lao People's Democratic Republic) 16.08.~16.09.
29 Management of Donor Funded Projects & Programs (Ghana) 15.10.~15.11.
28 Project Management for the 'Integrated Rural Development of Myanmar and Nepal' 15.07.~20.12.
27 Study on the Cooperation Strategy for five Francophone African countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire) 14.08.~15.06.
26 Research on Performance of Korea Senior Experts 13.07.~13.09.