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Post-evaluation result sharing workshop for the Korea-Indonesia Joint Project for Adaptation and Mit
Title Post-evaluation result sharing workshop for the Korea-Indonesia Joint Project for Adaptation and Mit
Date 2018-11-08

Korea Institute for Development Strategy(KDS) (Korea Rural Economic Institute(KREI) consortium), under the supervision of the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA), is conducting an evaluation project named [Post-evaluation of Forest Sector Capacity Development Projects in Myanmar and Indonesia]. A KDS team (Dr. Minho Lee, Ms. Eunji Ju) was dispatched to Jakarta, Indonesia during 23rd-25th Oct. in order to hold a workshop for sharing the result of the first field survey and evaluation.

Last summer, the team was dispatched to the Project sites in Lombok, Indonesia during 22nd-28th July for the Post-Evaluation activities. Back then, under the purpose of i) investigating the Project's outcomes and ii) drawing lessons that can be adopted to similar projects in the future, the team evaluated the Project's relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability and figured out local residents' needs through public official and beneficiary interviews.

After the first field trip to Lombok, the team deduced the results of the post-evaluation over a span of 3 months. A workshop, with the purpose of sharing evaluation results and sharing comments, was held during the second field trip with various guests from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry(MEF), Korean Embassy, NGOs, GIZ, UNDP and others. The Indonesian officials from the MEF Provincial office and KPH shared the outcomes of the Project and the team shared the results of the first field trip and evaluation and suggested the basic strategies for the future forestry projects. The workshop was highly interactive by having discussions and sharing opinions among attendees.

**KDS will deduce the final evaluation report of the [Korea-Indonesia Joint Project for Adaptation and Mitigation for Climate Change in Forestry] which reflects the issues discussed at the workshop. Moreover, KDS and the team will propose directions of Korea's forestry-related ODA in the future by suggesting more sustainable and effective model for the future forestry projects through developing the basic strategies in which include the lessons from the evaluation.

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