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Knowledge Sharing on Effective ODA Management (Egypt, 2019-2021)
Title Knowledge Sharing on Effective ODA Management (Egypt, 2019-2021)
Date 2019-09-02

The Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) has successfully conducted the 'Knowledge Sharing on Effective ODA Management (Egypt, 2019-2021) from July 22 to August 2, which is part of KOICA's Capacity Building Improvement and Advancement for Tomorrow (CIAT) Program with the purpose to enhance capacities of public officials from developing countries.


The delegation of the first-year was composed by 15 public officials from the Ministry of International Cooperation and Trade of Egypt. The main topics for this training program were Korea's Experience in Planning and Operating Effective Development Projects; Sharing ODA-related policies, strategies and information; Effective management of aid resources from donor countries and international organizations.


For the program, experts with real work experience on Korea’s ODA management participated to deliver the lectures as Dr. Seung Hun Chun, President of KDS; Hyun Sik Jang, Former Executive of KOICA; and Hyun Myung Kim Former Ambassador from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, the participants visited the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Korea Development Institute and Industrial Sites such as Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Samsung Museum to have a better understanding on Korea’s economic development.

Based on the knowledge and experience acquired during the training program, the delegation formulated 3 Action Plans with the following topics: How to Enhance aid Effectiveness, The efficient use of ODA in Egypt and Establishing a department at MIIC for reviewing ODA financial proposals. During the presentation of the Action Plans, Dr. Chun had provided essential and realistic advice and feedback.


The next training program is expected to be held during October, 2019.

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