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Reform in Taxation System(KRG, Iraq)
Title Reform in Taxation System(KRG, Iraq)
Date 2019-11-11

The Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) has successfully conducted the '2019 Refrom in Taxation System (KRG, Iraq) from Sep 22 to Oct 5, which is part of KOICA's Capacity Building Improvement and Advancement for Tomorrow(CIAT) Program with the purpose to enhance capacities of public officials from developing countries. The delegation of the first-year was composed by 10 public officials from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning etc.


The inviting program was aimed to share knowledge and experience in tax policy and system while providing korea's implications and help KRG to improve its tax system and efficiency in tax adminstration.


For the program, experts with experience on Korea’s taxation participated to deliver the lectures as ‘Principles of Taxation’ and ‘Effective Tax Data Management through Korea’s Tax Policy and Computerization System’. Moreover, the participants visited the National Tax Service and tax office of Seoul City Hall and Industrial Sites such as Posco steelworks for their broad comprehension.


Based on knowledge and lessons acquired during the seminar, the participants actively discussed the current issues and challenges of Taxation system of KRG. The Korean experts provided essential and realistic policy advice and feedback. This allowed delegations to establish Action Plan, and they promised the practice of Action Plan and preparation for succeeding training.

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