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No Title Duration
153 Policy Recommendations for Promotion of Innovative Industries and Balanced Regional Growth in Kazakhstan: Fostering of Investment, Technology, PPP, and Financial Support 13.06.~14.03.
152 The reform of tax administration and tax system in the Democratic Republic of Congo 13.07.~14.03.
151 2013 Economic Development Strategy - Public Finance Management for Francophone African Countries : DR Congo, Morocco, Tunisia focused on 'Mobilization of Development Resources, Tax Policy and Tax Adm 13.06.~13.08.
150 Establishment of Agricultural Educational Training System in Mozambique(4th) 13.01.~13.06.
149 Research on Establishment of an Emerging Country Cooperation Program (ECP) 13.06.~13.08.
148 2013 Economic Development Strategy Program for Afghanistan Government Officials 13.06.~13.09.
147 Economic Development Strategy Establishment Program for Iraqi Government Officials 13.05.~13.09.
146 Tax Administration Development Program for Government Officials of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2nd Year Program) 13.05.~13.09.
145 Economic Development Strategy for SAARC Member Nations: Establishment of Economic Development Strategy and Implementation 13.03.~13.04.
144 A study on development strategy for SMEs in Mozambique as a plan of industrial development strategy between Korea and Mozambique 13.01.~13.03.