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No Title Duration
163 Sharing Korea's Economic Development Experience and a New National Development Paradigm with ASEAN Countries 13.11.~13.12.
162 2013 Enhanced Efficiency and Transparency of Governance (Colombia) 13.10.~14.01.
161 2013 The Asia Foundation Sri Lanka Local Economic Governance Development Training Program 'Local Financial Stability through Public-Private Partnership (PPP)' 13.10.~13.11.
160 2013 Economic Development Strategy Program for Afghanistan Government Officials 13.10.~14.01.
159 2013 National Development Strategy Planning Program for Bangladesh Government Officials 13.09.~13.12.
158 Policy Recommendation for Utilization of Korea-Turkey FTA and Promotion of Green Growth for Sustainable Development in Turkey 13.08.~14.04.
157 Ex-post evaluation research on Korea Rural Community Corporation's international coorperation projects in DR Congo and Cambodia 13.08.~13.11.
156 Economic Development Strategy for South-East Asian Countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines) - Public Finance Management 13.08.~13.12.
155 the Korea EXIMbank-CAF Joint KSP : A Technical and Vocational Education Training(TVET) system in Panama 13.07.~13.12.
154 Research on Performance of Korea Senior Experts 13.07.~13.09.