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  • 12 KDS selected as a family-friendly certified company
  • 11 MOU with IFPRI for cooperation in rural guidance projects adapted to climate change in Myanmar
  • 07 Signed MOU with IFOAM of the World Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement in Kyrgyz Republic
  • 08 KDS signs MOU with Agribusiness and Rural Development Consultants(ARDC)
  • 07 Conducting 'Clean ODA Pledge' by full-time employees and experts
  • 02 Holding an international seminar ‘Positive Impact’
  • 11 KDS signs MOU with African Youth Agripreneurs
  • 08 KDS and Palladium enter into Strategic Alliance
  • 04 MOU with The National Institute for Strategic Studies
  • 12 MOU with Inha University for Cooperation in the International Development Cooperation Field
  • 08 MOU with Union of Market Garden Cooperatives of Kinshasa(UCOOPMAKIN) for Technical Cooperation
  • 11 MOU with Government Employees Pension Serveice
  • 10 MOU with KOICA for Provision of Multi-year Capacity Building Program
  • 09 MOU with United African University of Tanzania (UAUT) for joint cooperation
    in the field of HRD and Industrial Development
  • 12 Accredited with ISO 9001 (Int'l Quality Management System Certification) authorized by ISO (Int'l Organization for Standardization)
  • 08 MOU with Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • 07 MOU with Industry Development Institute of Kazakhstan (KIDI) for joint cooperation in the field of Industrial Development
  • 05 Selected as a qualified institution in the area of Int'l Consulting with regards to the government's "Procurement 300 Project" which aims to promote sales in international procurement market
  • 03 Participated as an official knowledge partner in the 18th Vision Korea National Conference on Africa, hosted by Maeil Business News
  • 09 Signed a MOU with Economic Research Institute (ERI) of Kazakhstan for joint cooperation in the field of SMEs development policy
  • 09 Performed as a Coordinator/Secretariat for Korean high-level delegations in 2010 Pan-Africa Investment Forum, Maputo, hosted by UNECA, AU, AfDB
  • 05 Signed a MOU with the Graduate School of International Studies at Yonsei University for Cooperation in the International Development Cooperation Field
  • 12 Organized "Korea-Africa Investment Conference on the Development of Infrastructure and Energy", jointly hosted by Min. of Knowledge Economy of Korea and UNECA
  • 09 Organized "Korea-ASEAN Business Forum for Green Growth and Cooperation" under the sponsorship of Min. of Knowledge Economy of Korea and ASEAN foundation
  • 08 MOU with Min. of Industry of Ecuador
  • 05 Relocation of KDS
  • 10 Consultation to H.E. Dr. F. A. Uriarte, Jr., the Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation
  • 09 MOU with Joaquim Chissano Foundation of Mozambique
  • 08 MOU with Ministry of Industry and Trade of Mozambique
  • 06 Awarded First Prize in the Int'l Development Sector of Korea's Credible Business by Kyung-Hyang Newspaper
  • 11 Mutual agreement for MOU with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Mozambique) and the Joaquim Chissano Foundation of which president is the former Mozambique President, H.E. Joamquim Chissano
  • 09 Designated as an institute subject to public contribution by the Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • 07 Registration as a procurement agency for the KOICA
  • 07 Registration as a consultancy for ADB, AfDB, IADB and EBRD
  • 06 Registration as a consultancy for the Korea Export and Import Bank
  • 05 Consultation to H.E. Nambaryn Enkhbayar, the President of Mongolia, on the issue of National Development Strategy (NDS) on his visit to Korea
  • 05 Relocation and reorganization of KDS (Separation of Research, Consulting, and Training Dept)
  • 12 MOU with the Mongolian Development Institute (MDI)
  • 01 Foundation of KDS under permission by the Ministry of Finance and Economy