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Introducing policy and technical consulting services

KDS provides professional consulting services to public and private sectors in developing countries by leveraging Korean and world-wide international development best practices and globally-proven advanced technologies.

Formulation of National Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy

Formulation of Sector Strategies

Project Designing and Feasibility Study

Project Implementation and Performance Management

KDS developed 7-step 'Integrated Performance Management (IPM) Framework' which combines performance and project management based on the results-based MEL methodology of international organizations such as USAID, UN, and World Bank.

Major Credentials

  1. Economic Development
    2016/17 KSP with the Kyrgyz Republic
    2015~2017, KDI
    Establishment of human resource management, financial management, and regional development strategies for sustainable development.
  2. Finance & Public Finance
    2019/20 KSP with the Philippines
    2020, KDI
    Policy Consultation on Integrated Public Finance Management System of the PhilippinesPolicy Consultation on Integrated Public Finance Management System of the Philippines
  3. Education/ TVET
    PMC service for the Capacity Enhancement of Korea-Sudan Khartoum VTC in the Republic of the Sudan
    2020~2024, KOICA
    The Project aims to provide Sudan with quality technical and vocational education and training by improving the capacity of Korea-Sudan Khartoum VTC (SKVTC).
  4. Governance
    The Project for the Establishment of National School for Administration (NSA) in Palestine
    2016~2021, KOICA
    The Project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of civil servants of PNA through development of continuous training program
  5. Industry and Trade
    Feasibility Studies for Bole Lemi industrial Zones
    2014, World Bank
    Conducting market, technical, and financial feasiblity study of two industrial zones in Ethiopia funded by the World Bank.
  6. Social Economy/ Employment
    Collaborative Performance Management for Public-Private Partnership Projects on Social and Solidarity Economy
    2019~2022, KOICA
    Development of operation improvement plan for improving the effectiveness of KOICA’s Social Solidarity Economic Program.
  7. Agriculture and Rural Development
    The Project for Establishment of the Agricultural Marketing Center in Myanmar
    2018~2023, KOICA
    The purpose of this project is to improve agricultural products value chains through the Agricultural Marketing Center(AMC) in Myanmar
  8. S&T/ICT
    Project for Capacity Building of E-Government in Niger
    2013~2019, KOICA
    The purpose of the project is to improve efficiency and transparency of public administration service in Nigeria through establishing a Master Plan and conducting various capacity building programs.
  9. Energy, infrastructure and Environment
    The Project for Promoting Investment Market for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sector in Vietnam
    2017~2020, KOICA
    Capacity development of Energy Audit and ESCO companies for improving Energy Efficiency in Vietnam industry.
  10. Gender
    Project on Prevention and Elimination of Violence against Women for Mainstreaming Gender into the National Development Agenda in Lao PDR
    2020~2024, KOICA
    This Project aims to establish Counselling Center for Prevention and Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW Center) in Vientiane, develop the center operation system, and build training system of local specialized counselors for violence against women (VAW).