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Our Projects


No Title Duration
315 Research on Curriculum Development for Promoting Meister High Schools in the Secondary Battery Industry Sector 24.03.~24.07.
314 Formulation of mid to Long-term projects based on koica’s climate action program for Sri lanka 24.03.~25.04.
313 Improvement of tourism ODA project promotion system 24.03.~24.05.
312 Preliminary Research Service for Cultural arts Education ODA Project Expansion to New Regions in Indonesia 24.01.~24.02.
311 Consulting Company to Implement Technical Cloud Training 24.01.~24.07.
310 Project Management Consultant for Value Chain Enhancement of High-value Corps through Smart Agriculture (VEHCSA) 23.11.~27.12.
309 Establishing a strategy to enter the field of international development cooperation related to anthropometric measurements 23.11.~23.12.
308 Capacity Building on ODA Management and Evaluation in Bolivia(23-25) 23.10.~23.12.
307 Project for Supporting Green Circular Economy through Agricultural Value Chain Improvement (Bac Kan and Cao Bang Provinces) 23.10.~23.11.
306 Capacity Building for ERD Officials in Bangladesh 23-25 23.10.~23.12.