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Introducing policy research and evaluation programs

Our research mainly focuses on areas and policies related to international development and developing / transitioning economies. The objective of the research is to support developing countries and international society in exploring and determining the most effective methods of poverty reducation and economic development.

Research on advancement of Korea’s development cooperation policies

Study on strategies for sustainable development of developing countries

Regional and country studies on development cooperation partners

Evaluation of development cooperation projects

Major Credentials

  1. Research on the demand for social service in developing countries
    2021.05~2021.11, Korea National Council on Social Welfare
    Developing capacity building program on social service for developing countries and seeking detailed implementation plans by developing e-welfare based Korea Social Service model.
  2. KOICA Country Portfolio Evaluation : Mozambique and Tanzania
    2020.08~2021.02, KOICA
    The purpose of this country-portfolio evaluation is to support KOICA management's decision-making on portfolio composition and contribute to the advancement of the program-based management system through a comprehensive analysis of KOICA’s business portfolio in Mozambique and Tanzania from 2013 to 2019.
  3. Direction of Liberal Arts Education in the Public Vocational Education and Training Institution in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era
    2019.05~2019.08, Korea Polytechnics
    Development of an intrinsic liberal arts education model for polytechnics in response to internal and external environmental changes, such as functional innovation of polytechnics and reduction of credits for degree programs due to rapid industrial change.
  4. Study on the Introduction of Korea Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC) in Developing Countries
    2017.07~2017.11, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
    Conducting a case study focusing on factors that decisively contributing to the formation and development of Community Credit Cooperatives in the early stages, and seeking ways to collaborate with other ministries and government agencies.
  5. Advanced study on the strategy of GHG mitigation technology transfer to developing countries
    2017.03~2017.10, Korea Energy Agency
    Analysis on the existing overseas greenhouse gas reduction project, examination on technology demand, financial condition and system condition to analyze the effectiveness of potential projects in the selected countries (Vietnam, Mongolia and Peru), and recommendation from the industry and government points of view.
  6. Study on Korea's experience of ODA and North Korea Support Policy
    2009.06~2009.1, KOICA
    Conducting analyses on current status of support programs to North Korea and on best practices of ODA programs with transition countries to derive recommendations on how to link Korea’s ODA experience with policies to support social and economic development of North Korea.