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[Conference] Project on Promoting Gender Equality in Public Decision-Making and Women’s empowerment in Mongolia
Title [Conference] Project on Promoting Gender Equality in Public Decision-Making and Women’s empowerment in Mongolia
Date 2023-07-28

Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) hosted an international conference on June 12 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This conference was held as part of ‘the Project of KOICA-UNDP Mongolia on Promoting Gender Equality in Public Decision-Making and Women's empowerment in Mongolia(2020-2024)’, a multi-bi project funded by KOICA and implemented by UNDP Mongolia office. In this project. The Project aims to enhance gender equality in decision-making in Mongolia through strengthening the legislative framework to overcome structural barriers to women’s political participation, strengthening networks for women aspirant candidates, increasing women’s interest in public leadership, and enhancing social awareness of gender equality.


The Conference was held under the theme of 'International Forum on Women's Policital Leadership: Female Forward' for 120 female candidates who wish to run for the National Assembly and local council in Mongolia in 2024. The conference was co-hosted by KDS and WLN(Women's Leadership Network), a local women's network platform formed in Mongolia through this project. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the conference, the program was planned under close collaboration between the two sides.


KDS invited Korean speakers from various background such as former member of the National Assembly, former government officer, activist, academician. WLN invited many former and incumbent members of major political parties and party officials from Mongolia to join the Conference. Presentations and discussions were held by experts from both Korea and Mongolia on various topics such as case Women's political solidarity Meaning and case of the women's quota system Setting a policy agenda for female leaders Public speech strategy Women's network expansion.


Ms. Kang from KOICA delivered her opening remark, saying “I hope that this conference will strengthen the communication skills and policy agenda setting capabilities of Mongolian female politicians and serve as an opportunity for many Mongolian women to play an active role in the 2024 election."




Anticipating the success of the female political candidates who attended the conference, a list of 77 female political candidates with the “Roadmap for Change 10 Political Agenda for Women to Solidarity,” a tangible result of the conference will be released online in August.




KDS is also planning another international conference to publicize the effectiveness of this project in the second half of 2024 while collaborating with UNDP Mongolia office for performance management of this project for women's improved public decision-making and gender equality in Mongolia.

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