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[Project Activities] Sector study for Formulation of Mid to Long-Term Projects Based on KOICA’s Climate Action Program for Sri Lanka
Title [Project Activities] Sector study for Formulation of Mid to Long-Term Projects Based on KOICA’s Climate Action Program for Sri Lanka
Date 2024-07-08

The Korea Institute for Development Strategy (hereafter referred to as KDS) has conducted the sector study mission for 3 sectors(renewable energy, sustainable transport, e-waste management) in June 2024 as the task of ‘Formulation of mid to long-term projects based on the KOICA’s Climate Action Program for Sri Lanka’. The mission team was composed of Project Manager(Hong-min, Jeon), Field Manager, Qualitative research expert, M&E expert, 5 sectoral experts(1~2 per sector), and Project Action Officer, and identified the status of each sector, related regulations and national policies, demands and limitations, and the status of private sector activities, etc.


During the mission, renewable energy experts hold meetings with the Ministry of Power and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Road Development Authority, Colombo Municipal Council, and the Department of Posts. In particular, they visited the agrovoltaics site in the Hanthana region funded by ADB, and the floating solar site in the Kiriibban Wewa funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea/KIAT and looked at local demand and ways to secure synergy. In the case of sustainable transportation experts, they visited government ministries and public institutions such as the Ministry of Transport and Highways, NTC, SLTB, Road Passenger Authority of Western Province, and Mukumbura Multimodal Center and exchanged opinions with GGGI on local needs. In addition, for the private sector, they had meetings with SENOK and Van Uncle, and discussed the synergy and harmony between the public and private sectors. E-waste management expertsheld meetings with the Ministry of Environment, the Central Environmental Authority, and the Western Province Authority to understand the current status of the sector and related regulations, and visited numerous private companies and waste collection and recycling sites to identify local capabilities and demands. In addition, based on the survey results, the Program Management Steering Committee (PMSC) was held where major interested ministries gathered together to share relevant opinions and promise mutual cooperation, which was the first step toward forming a program-based mid- to long-term project.


In particular, KDS signed a contract with Skills International as a local partner during this mission. Skills International was established in 2003 and is a company that provides services such as infrastructure, TVET, capacity building, and research. It was brought in as a local partner for this project and provided support for sector-specific research, upcoming baseline survey support, and related data collection and analysis.


In the second half of 2024, KDS plans to conduct a third business trip with experts in each sector to conduct baseline research and identify projects.

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