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Our Projects


No Title Duration
21 PMC Service for the Integrated Waste Management and Resource Circulation Capacity Strengthening Project Towards the Circular Economy of Cuenca, Ecuador 24.04.~29.12.
20 Formulation of mid to Long-term projects based on koica’s climate action program for Sri lanka 24.03.~25.04.
19 Preliminary Survey on Establishment of the Climate Change Adaptation Support System and Local Adaptation Plan in Viet Nam 23.10.~23.11.
18 Performance management for the project Accelerating Clean Energy Access to Reduce Inequality in Indonesia and Timor-Leste 21.10.~24.12.
17 Promoting energy efficiency investment market in the industrial sector and supporting the National Green Growth Action Plan(GGAP) of Vietnam 21.10.~25.06.
16 Technical Assistance for Development of Feasibility Study of Energy Efficiency Investment Projects and Credit Application Process 20.07.~21.02.
15 Eco-friendly Energy Town Development Project in Mongolia (2nd) 18.01.~19.12.
14 Post-evaluation of Forest Sector Capacity Development Projects in Myanmar and Indonesia 18.05.~19.01.
13 The Project for Promoting Investment Market for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sector in Vietnam 17.12.~20.02.
12 Eco-friendly Energy Town Development Project in Mongolia 17.04.~17.12.