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Our Projects


No Title Duration
47 Improvement of tourism ODA project promotion system 24.03.~24.05.
46 Preliminary Research Service for Cultural arts Education ODA Project Expansion to New Regions in Indonesia 24.01.~24.02.
45 Establishing a strategy to enter the field of international development cooperation related to anthropometric measurements 23.11.~23.12.
44 Capacity Building on ODA Management and Evaluation in Bolivia(23-25) 23.10.~23.12.
43 Capacity Building for ERD Officials in Bangladesh 23-25 23.10.~23.12.
42 2023 End-of-project Evaluation in Africa 23.09.~24.03.
41 Research on Impact Investment and Incremental Measurement through EDCF 23.07.~23.12.
40 2023 Capacity Building for Global health and International Relations in Egypt 23.07.~23.12.
39 Research on the Promotion of International Development Consulting in the Private Sector 22.10.~22.12.
38 PMC Service for Project for Improving Maternal and Child Health through Health System Strengthening in Kwango province, DRC 22.09.~26.12.