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Country Uzbekistan
Title Establishment of Vocational Training Center in Fergana Region in Uzbekistan
Duration 2018.10~2022.10
Ordering Organization KOICA
Team Social Value Team, Social Value & Innovation Group
Contents The Project, launched in 2018 and expected to be completed in 2022, aims to providing the Fergana region with a modernized vocational training institute and high-quality technical vocatinal training and education (TVET) system, and further, to contributing to enhance the industrial competitiveness and the economic development of Uzbekistan.
Fergana Vocational Training Center (Fergana VTC) is the 4th following Tashkent, Samarkand, and Sahrisaps VTCs which were previously built in Uzbekistan with the support of KOICA and Korean government.
The main components of the Project include the construction of Feragana VTC and equipment supply for the five departments (Automobile, Electricity, Information Technology, Beauty, Sewing), capacity building of teachers and operators, curriculum development, and etc.