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Our Projects


No Title Duration
13 Capacity building on Public Sector HR Management and Training in Palestine 23.05.~23.12.
12 Project for Strengthening Performance Management System of the Civil Service of Mongolia 23.02.~25.12.
11 Project on Enhancing Social Rehabilitation Support for the Vulnerable Youth in Indonesia 21.12.~24.12.
10 (Training Program) KOICA-UNDP Partnership for Capacity Development for an Integrated National Complaint Handling System (SP4N-LAPOR!) in Indonesia 21.04.~22.12.
9 Establishment of enhanced e-Governance Capacity Building through implementation of e-Learning based open learning system in Tunisia 20.09.~24.03.
8 Capacity Building of Public Servants for the Formulation of Government Policy in Nicaragua 18.02.~20.12.
7 Performance-based Public Human Resource Management System Course (Ghana) 17.10.~19.12.
6 Development Cooperation Capacity Building (Ghana) and Performance-based Human Resource Management System 17.08.~17.12.
5 The Project for the Establishment of National School for Administration(NSA) in Palestine 16.12.~21.03.
4 Capacity Building of the Kurdistan Institute of Public Administration(KIPA) in Iraq KRG 13.12.~18.06.