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Our Projects


No Title Duration
233 Capacity Building for Strategic Development Policy and Fiscal Management of the DRC 18.08.~19.08.
232 Capacity Building for Eoconomic Planning in Afghanistan (1st) 18.09.~18.12.
231 Feasibility Study On Uganda ICT Agricultural Development Program 18.07.~19.03.
230 2018 Capacity Building in the Dominican Republic for the Development of Innovation and Industrial Entrepreneurship (1st) 18.06.~18.11.
229 Eco-friendly Energy Town Development Project in Mongolia (2nd) 18.01.~18.12.
228 Pre-Planning a Automotive Parts Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technical Center construction project in Myanmar 18.06.~18.08.
227 Post-evaluation of Forest Sector Capacity Development Projects in Myanmar and Indonesia 18.05.~19.01.
226 Development Cooperation Capacity Building(Ghana)(2nd Year)-Policy Building, Project Management Course 18.03.~18.12.
225 Capacity Building Human Resource Development on Official Development Assistance Management 18.03.~18.12.
224 Capacity Building of Public Servants for the Formulation of Government Policy in Nicaragua 18.02.~19.12.