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No Title Duration
173 Economic Development Strategy for African Countries – Public Finance Management 14.04.~14.07.
172 Economic Development Strategy for Francophone African Countries (DR Congo, Morocco, Tunisia) – Public Finance Management (3rd) 14.03.~14.05.
171 Economic Development Strategy for South-East Asian Countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines) (3rd) 14.02.~14.05.
170 Capacity Building of the Kurdistan Institute of Public Administration(KIPA) in Iraq KRG 13.12.~18.06.
169 Project for Capacity Building of E-Government in Nigeria 13.12.~19.06.
168 The Asia Foundation Sri Lanka Local Economic Governance Development Training Program on 'Waste Treatment System for Local Government' 13.12.~14.06.
167 Feasibility Studies for Bole Lemi Phase II and Kilinto Industrial Zones 14.01.~14.04.
166 The Project for Establishment of an agro-processing and Marketing Strategy in Uganda 13.12.~17.10.
165 Research on Agriculture and Rural Development in DR Congo, Mozambique and Ethiopia 13.11.~14.06.
164 Economic Development Strategy for East African Countries (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania) - Public Finance Management 13.11.~14.01.