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Our Projects


No Title Duration
193 Economic Development Strategy (Latin America and the Caribbean) 15.07.~15.10.
192 Empowering Ethiopia's Textile Industry and Industrial Park 15.07.~16.01.
191 Project Management for the 'Integrated Rural Development of Myanmar and Nepal' 15.07.~20.12.
190 Economic Development Policy (Bolivia) 15.06.~15.08.
189 International Training Course on Weather Forecasting for Operational Meteorologist 15.05.~15.07.
188 International Training Course on Weather Radar Operation 15.04.~15.06.
187 Strengthening the Statistical Capacity of the Department of Census and Statistics of Sri Lanka 15.04.~15.11.
186 Integral Result-Based Management Service for Rural Development Projects in the Latin American Region 14.12.~17.02.
185 Economic Development Capacity Program for Gabonese Officials 14.11.~15.02.
184 On-site Fellowship Program on National Development Strategy Planning for Bangladesh Government Officials 14.10.~14.10.