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  • 2019/20 KSP Public Finance Management System for Philippines- Final Reporting Workshop

  • New Energy Efficiency Project in Vietnam- Online Kick-off Workshop

  • KDS shares the masks for COVID-19 with overseas business partners  

  • Project for the effective use of ICT in education in Honduras- 1st Kick-off Survey

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    [KDS Publication] The Economic De..

    How did a country with a dearth of natural resources and a sprawling population congested in a limited arable land transform itself into a modern industrial state within a generation? How could this have been achieved given the lingering geopolitical threats to its very survival as a state, as evi..

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    [2019/20 KSP Public Finance Manag..

    The Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS, President Seung-Hun Chun) held the Final Reporting Workshop online at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul on October 15, 2020 as a part of its implementation of the “2019/20 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) Ⅱ Policy Consultation on Public Finance Mana..

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    Online Kick-off Workshop of a New..

    October 10th, KDS held a kick-off workshop of the Project “Technical Assistance for Development of Feasibility Study of Energy Efficiency Investment Projects and Credit Application Process”. The Project aims at contributing to energy efficiency enhancement in cement sector in Vietnam, within..

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    KDS shares the masks for COVID-19..

    The Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) has delivered the masks to overseas business partners who are having a difficult time with COVID-19. After beginning shipping in June, KDS has given 800 CE-certified masks and 300 cloth masks via international courier such as DHL to five organiza..

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    1st Kick-off Survey of The Projec..

    The Performance Management delegation of Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) visited Honduras from January 1, 2020 to August 8, 2020 for a survey on the on-site launch of ‘The Project for the effective use of ICT in education in Honduras“.      In order to stren..

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    2nd Kick-off Survey of the Organi..

    Korea Institute for Development Strategy(KDS) dispatched a Project Management Office (PMO) team (Project Manager, Project Management Team Manager and Officer) and sector experts (Organic Farmland - Soil Management, Post-harvest management and Infrastructure, Organizing Organic Agriculture and Tra..

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